Week 4 & 5: 9/6-9/13

Week 4 was the shortest yet! Due to hurricane Dorian, school was only in session on Friday, 9/6. Week 5 was filled with meetings, trainings, classroom presentations, and planning. This post will cover Suicide Prevention Week, Counselor Connect Expo, and a classroom presentation. Suicide Prevention Week Brevard is recognizing next week, 9/16-9/20, as Suicide Prevention … Continue reading Week 4 & 5: 9/6-9/13

Week 3: 8/26-8/30

Planning, goodbyes, and hurricane prep! This week was full of surprises. We started fine-tuning our plans for the upcoming guidance parent night, and I started planning Dance Marathon. We said goodbye to our IB Coordinator Dr. Baldridge, and prepared our offices for Hurricane Dorian. Planning Guidance is very excited to announce our first ever Counselor … Continue reading Week 3: 8/26-8/30

Week 2: 8/19-8/23

Classroom presentations, meetings, open house, and a field trip! Thank you to all the students, parents, and teachers who were patient with us as we worked through all the emails, phone calls, and schedule change requests. The counselors each have 2 grade levels, and we move up with the students. Last year, I had 8th … Continue reading Week 2: 8/19-8/23

Week 1 : 8/12-8/16

New students, emails, phone calls, meetings, teachers, schedule changes, oh my! We were hard at work this week ensuring everyone has a great school year. Ms. Mackin, Mrs. Spence, Dr. Baldridge, and I all worked overtime every day this week trying to get everything accomplished. If we have not yet responded to your voicemail or … Continue reading Week 1 : 8/12-8/16

Week 0 : 8/5-8/9

Pre-planning is now in full effect! Teachers are back from summer break. This post will help you have a smooth start to the school year. During last school year, the teachers recommended classes for all students for this coming year. Guidance met with each student to pick electives. Over the summer we worked hard creating … Continue reading Week 0 : 8/5-8/9